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  • Instant valuation

    Our valuation tech uses live market data to estimate your car’s value accurately.

  • Get your highest price

    We’ll find the dealer who’ll pay the most for your car, with no haggling or hassle.

  • Free home collection

    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours, with free collection & fast payment.†

  • Oh, and it’s 100% free

    Dealers pay a fee to buy your car. That means it’s completely free for you.

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How it works

1. Profile your car

1. Profile your car

Enter your reg to get an instant valuation based on our latest sales data. We then guide you through making a profile of your vehicle.

2. We get to work

2. We get to work

We alert our network of 3,000+ verified car dealers about your vehicle, and invite them to bid for it in a daily online sale.

3. Get your best offer

3. Get your best offer

We’ll present the best offer from the sale for your approval, then arrange a convenient date for your car to be collected.

4. Complete your sale

4. Complete your sale

Receive fast payment† in your bank account before your car is driven away. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car like a pro!

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3,000+ verified dealers ready to buy your car

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Sell for more cash online

Need to maximise cash when you sell your car? When selling any vehicle, there are many different companies to turn to. There are instant buyers who offer a quick sale, but increasingly dealers will buy directly from you online too. But how can you be sure that you’re getting the best price for your used car from a dealer? At Motorway, we’ll find your best offer from our nationwide network of 3,000+ verified dealers so you get a great offer from someone you can trust. Dealers we work with offer instant same-day payment, but do not buy with physical cash. By finding your highest offer, we can maximise cash in your bank account.

For many years, the traditional way of selling a used car was through a part exchange when buying a new one. You would trade-in your car and receive a new one from a dealer. However, this may not be your best option. Companies that offer money directly can often give you a better price, not only that, but dealers on Motorway offer a quick, hassle-free method of selling fast too. Cash can be in your bank account in as little 24 hours after an online valuation.

Yet it’s not just about us. The choice of instant buyers who buy cars increases every year. And when you consider all these options, do you go for a well known name or take a cash offer from a lesser-known buyer? And would a local franchised dealer be able to offer you a better deal? Finding your best online car buying company can be an overwhelming, time-consuming process.

That’s where we come in. Unlike your other selling options, we won’t make you choose between price and convenience – you can have both, with no extra effort. We’ll guide you through the process to get cash in the bank for your car, and leave you feeling like a pro.

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How do I get cash for my vehicle?

Instant online car buyers have been offering to buy cars instantly with speedy cash in the bank for over a decade. Instant buyers offer to buy any car fast, taking the stress and hassle out of selling. They are designed to ensure you get money fast, even if the final offer isn’t that competitive.

You could also sell your car for cash privately too. However, while it can mean the most money for your vehicle by cutting out auctions and professional buyers in the middle, it can be a long, drawn-out process and will need you to rely on a member of the public paying you with cash or via a bank transfer. You’ll need to go through the admin of advertising your car and showing it to potential buyers (and time-wasters). And at the end of the process, you are not guaranteed a sale. If you fancy selling your car for cash quickly, the private route may not be for you.

Selling your car to an online car buyer or dealer can be a much faster option. Depending on which online car buying company you choose, the time it takes for the cash to arrive will vary.  Some services may also charge certain admin and payment fees, whereas others can collect your car for free from any home address. There are plenty of things to consider, hence comparing your options is key.

Motorway allows you to get the best of all worlds. By cleverly matching your car with professional, verified dealers looking for one just like it, we’re able to secure you an industry-leading offer and can reduce the time and effort it takes on all sides. And because dealers pay us a fee to buy your car, it’s always completely free for you.

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Types of buyer for your car

There are many different types of buyer to sell to online, but if they are a company registered in the UK, they legally can only pay for your car into your bank account. Paying cash into your bank account is allowed, but handing cash over on your doorstep is actually illegal if you’ve sold to a professional buyer. Your main types of car buying company to consider include car dealers, online car buying websites and private sale buyers set up as limited companies. They will all offer bank transfers to purchase your vehicle.

You can get physical cash by going through a private sale if you wish. However, as detailed in the section above, though you might get a better price by selling your car privately through a classified ad online, there are risks. The process can be long and time-consuming, may involve counting bank notes and selling privately does not offer any guarantees of success. You may go through several months showing strangers your car, and at the end of it, still be without a buyer.

Unlike doorstep cash-buying individuals who may get in touch on a classified site, professional buyers will only pay money directly into your bank account, usually on the day of sale. Many big car dealer groups like Inchcape, Arnold Clark, Evans Halshaw and Sytner have now moved to buying cars from the public online and all work with Motorway in our nationwide dealer network. We also work with a number of independent car dealers who specialise in popular makes such as Ford, Vauxhall, VW, Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar.

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Online valuations

One of the first things to consider when selling your used car, is figuring out its cash value. Having an understanding of how much your car is worth will help you get a better deal when you decide to sell. There are several online car valuation tools on the web, including those provided by Parkers, WhatCar, Regit and our own at the top of this page. All will give you an instant valuation for your car.

To get a value online, you usually have to enter your reg and mileage, along with a few other details, and you’ll be given an estimated price. The bonus of doing this on Motorway is our real-world valuations are designed to offer you an indicative selling price to sell with us. We then allow you to profile your car and sell it fast with our nationwide network of 3,000+ verified dealers. 

Our online valuations are as accurate as possible, but when we first value your car, we do not know about its condition and history. It’s the same for any car valuation website or online calculator. All car valuation tools should therefore not be seen as places to get guaranteed sale prices. Instead, they should be used to get a better understanding of what you’ll likely receive from a sale. However, as most online valuation tools are free to use, it is still a good idea to get a few valuations from various places. This will help you better understand the value of your car and give you a good “target cash price” to aim for.

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