How to sell a Tesla – the ultimate guide

It’s one of the most desirable cars on the market at the moment, so not only is it a great time to buy a Tesla, it’s a fantastic time to sell your Tesla, too. As an electric car, Teslas are also one of the most eco-friendly cars you can buy, so plenty of green-minded buyers are sure to be interested in taking it off your hands.

How to get the best price for your Tesla
A Tesla charging at an EV charging point. Charging requirements and battery health are a major factor for any electric car owner

In this ultimate guide to selling your Tesla we’ll look at:

Can you sell a Tesla?

Of course you can! When you sell with Motorway you place your car in front of 5,000+ dealers who are interested in all sorts of cars, including all models of Teslas. In fact, Teslas have some of the best resale value of any car around, even bucking the trend when it comes to car depreciation over time. As the electric switchover comes closer, and public interest in green energy grows, the Tesla carbon footprint vs gasoline car emissions is a definite plus for buyers seeking their next car and there’s a huge audience of buyers just waiting to get their hands on a Tesla.

What to consider when selling your Tesla

As an electric vehicle, and one with a few more bells and whistles than your standard EV, you should consider the following when it comes to estimating your Tesla resale value:

  • Battery condition
  • Outstanding software updates
  • Handle ‘presentation’ reactivity 
  • Suspension performance

While several of these factors apply to any car, would-be Tesla buyers might specifically be looking for a used model that still performs well in these areas. It could be worth taking your electric car in for a service to make sure it’s in tip-top condition and able to fetch the best price. 

Unlike a standard car, Tesla also runs its own exclusive software, and that means owner input is required. So, before you sell your Tesla, make sure to wipe your data by doing a factory reset on your car. This will remove your personal information and reset the car’s software.

Tesla resale value

Tesla resale value, like with any car, depends on the overall age and condition of your car, as well as mileage and model. Unlike many other brands, though, Teslas have been out-performing their competition when it comes to retaining value and giving owners great bang for their buck when it comes to resale.

Which Tesla model has the best resale value?
Tesla Models S and X at a charging point. Teslas currently have the longest battery life of any electric vehicle

While the precise price you’ll get varies from case to case, Tesla models have been reported to keep significantly better value than other electric vehicle options. 

ModelThree-year depreciation 
Tesla Model 310.2%
Tesla Model S36.3%
Tesla Model X33.9%
Which Tesla model depreciates fastest?

What is the carbon footprint of a Tesla?

Tesla is among one of the world’s greenest car manufacturers, thanks in no small part to its exclusively electric line-up. Just beaten for top spot by Polestar, which also specialises in electric vehicles, Tesla’s carbon footprint is notably smaller than many competitors. 

According to Tesla’s 2021 Impact Report, the brand claimed to have helped customers avoid over 8 million metric tonnes of CO2e emissions through making EV purchases over combustion engine alternatives. The brand also reported generating more power through its solar panels than was consumed by its facilities. 

In terms of product, a Tesla car is also reported to be one of the greenest options, running off electric battery. These batteries can also be recycled and reused, and are designed for lifetime usage. Tesla aims to also have these recycling services available at every facility, cutting down further on their carbon impact and reliance on a third party supply chain.

What is the carbon footprint of a Tesla?
Tesla vehicle charging point. Unlike other electric car brands, Tesla has its own charging points.

Is Tesla the most eco-friendly car?

As of 2019, Tesla claimed to be the most energy-efficient electric vehicle around. Tesla cars themselves are among the most eco-friendly of electric vehicles due to the infrastructure the brand has created. Unlike other electric vehicles which, while zero emission due to not running on traditional fuel, rely on third-party chargers, Tesla has its own branded charging stations. As mentioned above, by having this network of solar panels and charging points, Tesla off-sets its energy use per manufacturing facility by generating green energy across its wider portfolio.

Do we know Tesla’s environmental impact?

In short, no. Tesla doesn’t disclose its greenhouse gas emissions and what data it has released is notably out-dated compared to the years of its greatest growth. This is in stark contrast to companies like Ford which, while still manufacturing combustion engine cars, do fully disclose their carbon emissions. A recent report on corporate accountability saw Tesla score poorly when it came to the reality of the climate pledges the brand seems to push as part of its identity. 

While this doesn’t change the fact that Tesla cars can and do help people transition to a more sustainable form of personal transportation, it may impact the way buyers perceive the brand in the future, and this could impact Tesla resale value.

Is a Tesla the most eco-friendly car?
Tesla Model 3 interior. Teslas are one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market.

Selling your Tesla with Motorway

Our network of dealers is made up of seasoned professionals who know a quality car when they see it. And with demand for Tesla models being at an all-time high, now is a great time to sell

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