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How to sell your Suzuki

Here at Motorway we are able to buy any Suzuki car. Whether you are searching for a buyer to purchase a shiny new Swift, or you are looking to sell an older Jimny model, we can help you How to sell your car. We buy any Suzuki car of any age.

To begin the sale process at Motorway, first enter the registration of your Suzuki into our online car value calculator. After we have confirmed a few things about the car with you over the phone, we can provide you with our price match promise and best price guarantee to buy your vehicle.

At Motorway we have access to a wide network of buyers and as such can guarantee you a great quote for your Suzuki. You will benefit from the high premium they can pay for Suzuki cars, owing to their specialist knowledge in the brand. Suzuki has proven to be a very good performer on the online car buying and selling market, with all models of all ages going for great rates. The highest prices we see are for more recent models from the Swift range as well as the new SX4 S-Cross.

Competing in an online car buying and selling market that includes services like eBay, Autotrader and We Buy Any Car, we guarantee to always provide you with a competitive quote. Our prices will compete with the online market as well as your local dealer, or any other car dealer franchise offering you a part exchange or trade-in quote. In addition we also promise any customer selling through us the bonus of free UK-wide collection from home or work, as well as same day payment.

How to get an online valuation and sell your Suzuki through us:

  1. Value your Suzuki – entering your car registration plate number into our online car value calculator will allow us to access information from the DVLA. With this information we will be able to provide you with an instant valuation for the model you are selling
  2. Get a guaranteed price – we can then arrange a phone conversation with our car buying partner. They will then ask you some basic questions concerning the car you have for sale. With this complete, you will then receive a guaranteed final purchase price for your car
  3. UK-wide car pick up – we can collect your Suzuki from anywhere in the UK. Let us know a time and location, whether it be at home or at your workplace, and we will come to collect your car. In order to ensure all the details concerning the vehicle are as described on the phone, we will perform a brief inspection in person. We can then make a transfer for the final amount straight to your bank account, completing the sale of your Suzuki
  4. Money in the bank – some services can take up to a week to get your money into your bank account. At Motorway we give you access to your funds immediately with an instant transfer that will reach your bank account in under an hour

Suzuki models we buy

Below we have listed some of the most recent Suzuki models sold via Motorway, however we can buy older Suzuki models too:

  • Suzuki cars: Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Baleno, Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Vitara and Suzuki SX4 S-Cross.

We can help you sell all Suzuki hatchbacks, hybrids, SUVs and crossovers.

More about Suzuki cars…

Suzuki’s lineup for 2016/ 2017 is made up primarily of familiar models, with the new SX4 S-Cross being the main newcomer. The ever-popular Celerio and Swift ranges cover those who are looking for a compact vehicle, while the Vitara and the quirky Jimny models cater for the SUV and estate car lovers.

2016 marked the continued resurgence in sales for Suzuki. The 2009 to 2013 period marked a considerable dip in new registrations for the Japanese manufacturer. However from 2014 onwards, a remarkable upward surge in sales has been seen.

A key reason for Suzuki’s recovery has been the Vitara. Selling almost 60,000 units over the course of 2016, the small SUV shares the title of fastest-growing small crossover over the past two years with the Renault Captur. With the Vitara and Swift’s help, as of late 2016, there was a grand total of 565,000 Suzuki cars on the road across the UK.

Suzuki, headquartered in Minami-ku, can be traced all the way back to 1909. At this point the company contributed weaving looms for Japan’s gargantuan silk industry. It was not until the late 1930s that the Japanese manufacturer began work on automobiles. In 1937 work began on the Suzuki’s first small compact car. However, the outbreak of the Second World War presented complications and the production process was halted indefinitely. Ultimately it was not until 1955 that their first car, the Suzuki Suzulight, was launched.

It was some time before the company got into its stride with regards to car production and sales. It was 15 years after the launch of Suzulight that their second car was released in the form of the LJ10. Beginning to pick up some pace in the four-wheeled automobile industry, 1975 saw the launch of the first Jimny model with the LJ50. The release of this vehicle marked the start of one of the longest running ranges of car models for any manufacturer, with the Jimny range still available in 2017.

Suzuki began stamping its authority in the car market in 1983, when they opened their second automobile manufacturing plant, with the Mighty Boy 550cc being the primary vehicle produced. Moving to larger vehicles, the company launch the Cultus passenger car in the same year. By 1987 Suzuki car exports had reached two million and their place among the car market giants was well and truly established.

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