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Getting an online car valuation

Whether selling your car now or later, getting an accurate car valuation from a trusted source is essential for any car owner  — but that might be easier said than done. So why not use Motorway instead? Our Valuations come straight from our marketplace, giving you insider knowledge from our 5,000+ dealers.

Whether you own a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric car, or even an SUV, knowing your car’s value is the first step to knowing when to sell – and getting the best price!

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How can I find the value of my car?

Understanding how much your car is worth can be tricky, and the answer depends on all sorts of variables, from make and model to the number of previous owners. Some of these factors are changing all the time, so knowing how they affect your car’s value is crucial.

  • Age
    A car’s value diminishes significantly after the first three years, and every year after that.
  • Mileage
    Often a reflection of a vehicle’s wear and tear, mileage can be a deciding factor for a potential buyer’s offer.
  • Service history
    Accurate valuations depend on an accurate service history. Big gaps in your documents or no MOT? Buyers will assume the worst and expect a lower price.
  • Emissions rating or Euro 6 compliance
    Do you know your city’s low emissions specification? Your potential buyer will. Unsurprisingly, cars that comply with Euro 6 emissions standards are worth more than those that don’t.
  • Location
    There are more than just local emission zones to think about. A smart car might be tough sell in the country, but in the city, it’s a whole different story
  • Demand
    What makes a car desirable can change like the seasons. In fact, a used convertible will be more in demand if it is the season the top can come down.
  • Fuel type
    The 2030 electric switchover is on every car owner’s mind. In the short term, the future of combustion engine vehicles is hard to predict – knowing their future value is even harder.

    Depreciation is an issue for most vehicles, although at different rates, your car’s value may be different this time next year, so if you wish to maximise money in your bank account, now may be the perfect time to sell your car.

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How to value a car

At Motorway, we draw on data from live deals being made in our marketplace to form a valuation that is based on real sales data, making it as accurate and up to date as possible. Using your reg and mileage we tailor this data to your vehicle – giving you a reliable valuation you can trust.

Our nationwide network of dealers are invited to view your car in our daily online sales, and that’s how we can help you get your best offer. But things are always changing, so a car value that is high today, may not be quite so high next month.

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What is my car worth?

Aside from the list above there are a number of factors unique to your car that could increase or decrease its value. These factors often can’t be assessed in online valuations, but will be vital for maximising value when the time comes to sell.
At Motorway, we work with over 5,000 car dealers so we know the small details they will be looking for, and those they will want to avoid.

Increases value:

  • Optional extras
    The increased value, if any, from optional add-ons can vary significantly and will have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. However, add-ons such as leather seats and premium sound systems do consistently increase value. While others such as four-wheel drive and automatic transmission often do depend on location and car model.
  • Technology
    As the technology utilised in cars becomes more advanced the cars most up-to-date with the latest technology and features will fetch a higher price. Although most of the technology many cars have is dependent on its age, some brands are ahead of others in its use of technology. From USB ports, voice commands and WIFI to automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alerts and lane departure warnings.
  • Colour
    The colour of a vehicle can affect its wider appeal and therefore its resale value. Buyers may be willing to part with more money for a car knowing that its colour won’t put off other potential buyers further down the line. Alternatively, if a car has a certain iconic colour that makes it more popular, it will often make it worth more.
  • Above-average condition
    Although mileage is a good indicator of  a car’s condition it’s by no means a conclusive one. A car that has been well taken care of, with an exceptional condition both inside and out, can be more appealing than one with slightly fewer miles.
  • Still under warranty
    The safety net of a manufacturer’s warranty can give buyers some extra reassurance. It may not be a dramatic difference but an in-date warranty will give a boost to your car’s value.

    Decreases value:

  • Personalisation/modifications
    In some cases, especially when cosmetic, modifications may not decrease your car’s value but it is unlikely to increase it. This is because many buyers, especially car dealers, are looking for cars with a wide appeal as more potential buyers in the future often corresponds with higher resale price. By definition, most personalisations reduce that mainstream appeal and so can actually hinder a car’s value.
  • Below average condition
    If a car’s condition is worse than would be expected for its mileage then buyers will expect the price to reflect that. If a car has broken parts, or features or is just generally in bad shape it goes without saying it will be worth less.
  • Lots of previous owners
    Usually, the more owners a car has had the less it will be worth today. Of course, the number of owners a car has had will tend to reflect its age and condition.
  • Accident history
    Even if fully repaired and seemingly in no worse condition, being involved in a significant accident, or even a flood, will likely lower your car’s value – by how much will always depend on the situation and vehicle.
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