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    The more money way to sell your car

    84% of customers get more money*. Get a free, instant valuation.

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    Sell your car the more money way, in three easy steps

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    Value your car

    Get a free, instant car valuation. Then add info and take photos to create a profile of your vehicle.

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    Get your best offer

    5,000+ dealers compete to buy your car in an online sale. We share their best offer that day for you to approve.

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    Complete your sale

    Complete your sale in as little as 24 hours, with home collection and fast payment.† All completely free.

    More money stories

    True stories from real Motorway customers

    Anthonia sold her Hyundai

    “I needed to sell my car. I did shop around, and Motorway gave me the best price.”

    Anthonia sold her Hyundai

    More money stories
    Nigel sold his VW

    “When we looked at competitors, Motorway was the most straightforward and gave us a better price.”

    Nigel sold his VW

    More money stories
    Annabel sold her Alfa Romeo

    “It was the best quote we got. Full stop.”

    Annabel sold her Alfa Romeo

    More money stories
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    84% of Motorway customers sold their vehicle for more than the market price*

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    Frequently asked questions

    Common questions about Motorway

    Can I sell my car on finance?

    Yes, you can sell your financed car, with Motorway if it’s on a Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement.

    You don’t have to have paid off all of the finance already; but subject to your contract, there may be a minimum repayment before you have the right to sell.

    If you’re ready to sell on finance, the first step is to get a settlement letter with the ‘settlement figure’ from your lender, and get a car valuation. Read more in our guide to selling your financed car.

    Is it free to sell my car with Motorway?

    It’s always free to value your car with zero obligations, and there are no admin, payment, collection fees, or hidden charges of any kind when you sell with us. You’ll receive your highest offer from our online daily sale, and if your car is as described during profiling, you’ll receive every penny. 

    We take a commission fee from the dealer who buys your car, to keep Motorway completely free for our customers. See how it works here.

    How can I sell my car fast?

    It’s easy to sell your car fast with Motorway. It’s quick to value your vehicle and get your car ready for sale. You’ll receive your best price from over 5,000+ dealers the same day and have your car sold in as little as 24 hours. 

    Fast, free home collection and payment also means you’ll have funds in your bank account in no time too. There’s no compromise between speed and convenience when you sell the Motorway way. Sell quickly today!

    How much is my car worth?

    Motorway’s smart valuation tech uses live data from the UK car market and daily sales info from our own network, so no matter when you check your used car’s value, your estimated selling price will always be accurate. Click here for a free car valuation and tracking.

    Who will buy my car?

    At Motorway, dealers compete to give you their best price, and buy your car. Once your car has received competing offers from our network in the daily online sale, you can agree to sell it to the dealer who offers the highest price. 

    What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

    In case you don’t have a V5C document, you can get information on selling your car without a V5C. However, we recommend you try getting one before selling.

    Where can I sell my car for the best price?

    At Motorway we make sure you get your best price from verified car dealers, without any fees or commissions.

    Check out our guide for more tips on getting the most money for your car when you sell.

    How does service history impact selling my car?

    Keeping records of all your service history will help you get a fair and accurate price once you’re ready to sell your car. When you can prove you’ve maintained your car well and fixed any issues early, your buyer will have confidence in the vehicle’s condition inside and out.

    Is it better to part exchange or sell my car online?

    At Motorway you’re tapping into over 5,000 verified dealers who compete to offer you the best price. This daily online sale ensures you get the highest offer possible from a UK-wide network. The best price you find may be a step up from the traditional part exchange route, where you’re limited to one dealer’s valuation, which can sometimes not fully reflect the true market value of your car.

    Can I sell any make or model of car with Motorway?

    With Motorway, you can find a buyer for your car – no matter the make or model. 

    We help you sell all used cars for free, including popular manufacturer brands, like: Ford; Vauxhall; Volkswagen; BMW; Audi; Toyota; Nissan; Tesla and other car makes.

    At Motorway, we’ve created a fair and transparent used vehicle marketplace that benefits everyone – whether you’re selling a petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric car, or even a van or SUV.

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    3. What happens if I don’t pay my car finance?

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