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Sell Your Mitsubishi – FREE Online Mitsubishi Valuation

We purchase any Mitsubishi car at Motorway. You may be searching for a buyer for an ageing Mirage or a new Shogun barely off the production line. New or old, selling your Mitsubishi through us is quick and easy.

You can start by entering your car's registration into our online car value calculator for an instant valuation. We will then call you to talk through a few details about your car before providing you with a guaranteed price and a price-matched promise to buy your Mitsubishi.

Motorway has access to a large panel of buyers who specialise in the Mitsubishi brand. They can pay a high premium for Misubishi cars and we can guarantee that their expertise will always net you the best possible price for you car. In terms of bestsellers at present, newer models from the Outlander and ASK ranges tend to fetch the higher prices on the used car market. However Mitsubishi is always a top performer and you can get a good price from us no matter what car you selling.

At Motorway we provide all our customers with a best price guarantee with a price match promise and we aim to always get you the highest possible price whichever model of Mitsubishi you have.

Our competitors in the online car buying and selling market include the likes of Autotrader, eBay and We Buy Any Car. In order to separate ourselves as much as possible from these services, Motorway offers the additional advantages of free UK-wide collection and same-day payment on the day we collect your Mitsubishi. We aim to get you a quote that can beat these services in addition to any that you may have received from your local car dealer.

FREE instant online Mitsubishi valuation – how to sell your car:

  1. Valuation for your Mitsubishi – put your car’s registration into our online car value calculator. This enables Motorway to gain information from the DVLA. The details provided will allow us to subsequently offer you an immediate online car valuation
  2. Price guarantee – we then set up a call with one of our car buying partners. They will go over some details concerning your Mitsubishi before offering you a final purchase price to buy the vehicle. This quote comes complete with our price match promise. This guaranteed quote will be valid for seven days and collection of your car can be arranged in 1-3 days
  3. Home or work collection – decide on the most convenient time for you to have us come and collect your Mitsubishi. Whether at home or at work, we can come to get your car from anywhere in UK. After we have completed some routine checks of the vehicle, we can the complete the sale process. This involves an instant cash transfer at the previously promised price straight into to your account.
  4. Get your money instantly – our transfer takes less than an hour to reach your bank account. Various other car buying services can take much longer to transfer your money, with some taking a week or more to transfer your funds. With Motorway the payment process is immediate and happens before we drive away with your car

More about Mitsubishi cars…

Mitsubishi has a well earned reputation for quality SUVs and their 2016 lineup reflects this. The Outlander range is a tour de force, with the amazing Phev model available for those looking to really splash out on luxury. The Shogun is also a 4x4 highlight, with the Mirage and ASK models representing viable small car options.

The Japanese manufacturer has secured a significant portion of SUV sales in the UK over the last decade. This trend peaked in 2015, when in March that year, Mitsubishi sold 5,609 cars - a company high for the UK, which was also reflected throughout Europe with 10,000 or more cars sold every month in Q2 2016.

Beginning life as a shipping firm, Mitsubishi’s history dates all the way back to before the 20th century when the company was originally found in 1870. The company did not begin to shift its focus to automobiles until after the turn of the century when in 1921 Mitsubishi Motors was created. In 1934 the company developed Japan’s first four-wheel drive passenger car, the PX33.

Mitsubishi went on to reach annual production figures that totalled well over one million cars a year. In order to find new markets for this new rate of manufacturing, the company began exporting to North America for the first time. The Tredia, Cordia and Starion models spearhead this new campaign and proved to be highly popular in the overseas market.

The biggest corporate news in recent years came in 2016 when Nissan acquired a 34% stake in the company.

Mitsubishi models we buy

Below we have listed some of the most recent Mitsubishi models sold via Motorway, however we can buy older Mitsubishi models too:

  • Mitsubishi cars: Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi ASX, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Outlander Phev, Mitsubishi L200 and Mitsubishi Shogun.

We can help you sell all Mitsubishi SUVs and crossovers.