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How to sell your Land Rover

No matter what model of Land Rover you are looking to sell, at Motorway we are able to buy it. Regardless of whether you are searching for a buyer for a recently purchased Discovery, or a Range Rover that has been offroading for years, we can take the car off you hands.

At Motorway we can offer you an instant valuation for your Land Rover. Simply put your car’s registration into the online car value calculator and we will give you a call. After confirming some details we will then be able to provide you with an indicative price estimate for the car you are looking to sell.

Holding its value well in the used car market, Land Rover is a brand that many of our large panel of buyers specialise in. Their expertise will net you a great price for your car in addition to the high premium they can always pay for Land Rover cars. Land Rover is one of the UK’s most favoured brands, especially for the off-roading market. All their cars perform well on the online car buying and selling market, but newer models in the revitalised Discovery range are gaining the best premiums.

Due to this popularity, Land Rover is one of our most sought-after brands. We guarantee to get you the best possible price for whichever model you are selling. In addition, even if the car has just completed its 50,000th mile on the clock, we will always provide you with a price match promise.

Services such as Autotrader and We Buy Any Car make the online car buying and selling market a particularly competitive one. Motorway aims to offer higher quotes than the wider online market and we back this up with our price match promise with a best price guarantee.

We also offer free collection from anywhere in Britain and will provide you with the money for your Land Rover on the same day we collect the car.

How to get an online valuation and sell your Land Rover through us:

  1. Value your Land Rover – in order to receive a price for your Land Rover, enter the registration plate of your car into our online value calculator. We utilise information from the DVLA to ensure we provide with an informed price estimate
  2. Guaranteed price for you car – once you have given us your contact details we can arrange a phone conversation with our car buying partner. They will go over some of the finer details with you and then will give you a final purchase promise, guaranteed to be matched upon official sale of your car
  3. Collection from anywhere in the UK – whether it's at home or at your place of work, we will come to you to collect your car. This can be at any time that suits you - choose a date that fits around your needs. On this day we will perform some routine checks of the vehicle to confirm everything discussed on the phone. Lastly we will make an instant transfer of the promised price to your bank account. This completes the sale of your Land Rover
  4. Instant money in your account – your money will be in your account in less than one hour. This is far quicker than most other services, some of which can take a week to get your money to you

Land Rover models we buy

Below we have listed some of the most recent Land Rover models sold via Motorway, however we can buy older Land Rover models too:

  • Land Rover cars: Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Discovery Sport

We can help you sell all Land Rover SUVs and crossovers.

More about Land Rover cars…

Land Rover came 12th in the list for best selling cars in the UK in 2016. This puts it squarely behind Kia and just in front of Renault. The company posted 834,000 cars on the road as of October.

Land Rover’s range in 2016 is dominated primarily by the numerous variations of the Discovery model. Other choices include the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque.

The highlight for Land Rover’s 2016 in terms of sales came mid-way through the year. Seven months into the year, the manufacturer reached 336,052 cars sold, a growth rate of 23% when compared with the preceding year. The month of July, specifically, saw the company register 44,486 vehicle sales - a new record and a massive increase of 34% from the same month in 2015.

With regards to specific car models, it was the Land Rover Discovery Sport that contributed most significantly to the sales growth. Geographically speaking, China and North America witnessed the biggest increase in new registrations for the company with an upward surges of 64% and 51%, respectively. However there was a generally positive trend across the globe as well. The UK experienced a 38% increase and throughout Europe there was a growth rate of 24% up from 2015.

Design for the very first Land Rover car began in 1947. It was then launched the following year on April 30 at the Amsterdam Motor Show. Sales were slow, and as such it was a full decade before the Land Rover Series II was released. These were the early beginnings of the cars we see on the road now, however it was not until 1978 that ‘Land Rover Limited’, the corporate entity was formed as we know it today.

A subsidiary of British Leyland, Land Rover experienced an increase in sales and a swift rise in production rates. This climaxed in 1989 with the launch of the Discovery range. The Discovery range remains immensely popular nearly twenty years later.

Land Rover has experienced many changes of parent company. In 1994, it was taken over by BMW. During their time with the German company, Land Rover introduced the second generation of their classic Range Rover, as well as the Special Edition Discovery XD - which serves as a good indicator of just how successful the Discovery range was during its first 5 years on the global market. BMW then sold the British manufacturer to Ford for £1.8 billion in 2000.

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