What are the bestselling used cars?

    best selling cars on Motorway

    Have a car to sell but don’t know if you’ll be able to find a buyer? With Motorway, you can place your vehicle in front of 5,000+ verified dealers who can make their best offer and agree to buy your car in as little as 24 hours. In the month of August 2021, our verified dealers made tens of thousands of offers across our used car marketplace.

    We help sell all kinds of cars, from Jaguars and Porsches to Minis and Land Rovers and but as ever, some will always be more popular than others. Here are the fastest selling cars on Motorway in August 2021!

    Motorway’s best selling used cars in August 2021

    Motorway is happy to help sell just about any car model and car brand, and we’ve sold a lot of them! Let’s take a look at the vehicles that were getting the most attention on our sales platform in August 2021.


    At No.1, it’s probably no surprise that this German car brand is popular on our marketplace — BMW is popular all over the UK and at the top of the tree in the month of August. The most popular BMW model to sell on Motorway was the 520d M Sport.


    Again, it’s not too surprising that Ford is as popular with dealers as it is with car owners up and down the UK. Neither is the fact that the well-loved Ford Fiesta was the most popular model of car we helped sell out of all brands.

    BMW bestselling car
    BMW was Motorway’s bestselling brand in August.


    Another of the nation’s favourite car brands is also a dealer favourite, as well. Mixing reliability and style, Mercedes is the high-end car brand of choice for countless dealers.  


    Another of the UK’s favourite brands  is equally as popular with Motorway’s dealer network. With a massive range of models across Golf, Polo, Touran, Scirocco and upwards, Volkswagen is a stalwart of popularity on a monthly basis. 

    While the 2035 electric switchover is on the horizon, less than 5% of cars for sale on Motorway in August comprised electric vehicles such as Teslas.  The traditional fuels of petrol and diesel remained the most in demand, with over 50% of cars sold on Motorway being petrol engines and around 40% diesel. 

    Of course, maybe this means people are, in fact, getting rid of their traditional combustion engines to purchase electric vehicles, especially now that ULEZ has expanded to encompass the whole of Greater London. Or maybe it means we’re still very much stuck in our ways as a nation of drivers. Either way, now is a great time to start looking at electric cars, or even sell the one you have.

    Ford bestselling car
    A favourite around the nation, Ford was also popular with Motorway’s dealer network.

    Will Motorway sell my car brand?

    We can help you sell a wide range of car brands, so don’t be put off just because your vehicle hasn’t made our top spots as most in-demand. If you’re looking to sell the Motorway way, start with a free valuation and see how much your car could make based on current industry trends and data.

    Big cars, small cars, Motorway dealers are interested in them all, but they seemed most interested in hatchbacks during August. They made up more than 40% of total sales, leading by quite a margin. Second up were estates at around 20%, with saloons and coupes both making up around 10% of the month’s total sales. The rest were SUVs and other body types.

    What is the fastest selling used car colour?

    What’s under the bonnet may be important, but no one can deny that car colour is always a big consideration when purchasing a car. Unsurprisingly, the neutral crowd-pleasing shades remain on top. Black represented 22% of all sales in August, followed by grey with 19%. White also comprised 19% or total sales, and blue made up 16%. It’s not all cautious colours, though; we did sell three pink cars, and an impressive six gold vehicles.

    Will Motorway sell my modified car?

    Motorway dealers may be interested in your modified vehicle, but please get in touch with us first to check. If your modifications are a paint job, your car may get more attention than if you had tampered with the engine. Modifications impact various areas of a car’s overall condition and value, including insurance, servicing, and, of course, selling. Please note that our instant valuation tool will assume your car has not been modified, so they may not be accurate for your vehicle.

    gold cars bestselling
    Black may be the most popular car colour, but six gold cars sold with Motorway in August.

    Motorway can help you sell your car no matter where you’re based in the UK. Dealers in our network will collect vehicles nationwide — our expert dealers know a great car when they see one, and they’re willing to travel to get to it. In fact, one Motorway dealer transported a car 587 miles — that’s almost the distance from London to Berlin!

    But also, an interested dealer might be far closer than you think, one car sold in August went to a dealer just nine miles down the road.

    How can I sell my car on Motorway?

    Ready to sell your own car the Motorway way? It’s the 100% free way:

    1. Get a free valuation

    We estimate the value of your car using live market data, so the price you see is as accurate as possible.

    2. Make a car profile

    You can do this with just a few taps of your phone. We’ll ask for a few details and  guide you through the photos dealers will want to see and from which angles.

    3. Sit back and wait

    Your part in selling is done — yes, that’s all you need to do to find a dealer on Motorway. We’ll add your car to a daily sale, alert our dealer network, and invite them to make their best offer. When the sale is over, we’ll be in touch to tell you what the highest offer was.

    4. Approve, sell, done

    If you approve of the offer, we can arrange for the dealer to collect your car from your home, totally free of charge. They’ll give your car a quick inspection to make sure everything is in order, and you’ll be paid by secure bank transfer. By the way, you can walk away at any time, there’s never any pressure to sell at any point.

    Is it time to sell your car?

    Want to learn more about owning, maintaining, and selling your car? Check out more of our guides here, covering everything from finding buyers, to negotiating a good price, and completing payment safely.