Sell A Car On Finance: Step-By-Step Guide

Thinking about selling a car with finance outstanding?

You’re not alone. Selling a car on finance is a very common requirement for motorists these days.

According to recent figures, 86.5% of new private cars purchased in the UK between April 2016 and March 2017 were bought on finance, typically PCP car finance.

Finance is often the easiest way to get yourself into a brand new car.

If you are ready to sell your financed car, you can compare instant offers and sell your car or carry on for an in-depth look at things to consider…

Selling a car on finance explained:

  1. Can you sell a car if it’s on finance?
  2. Who actually owns the car when it’s under a finance agreement?
  3. How do I sell my car when it’s on finance?
  4. Valuing your car
  5. Preparing your car for a sale
  6. How do I settle the finance on my car?
  7. Discussing options with your finance lender 

Can you sell a car on finance?

How to sell a car with finance? That’s the question. Most car finance deals will have a term of around 5 years, what happens if you decide you want to sell your car within that period? Can you do it?

The short answer is 100% yes. You can still get cash for your car! Selling your car with finance outstanding is quick and easy. But there are caveats and processes that you must follow.

In this guide we’re going to run through everything you need to know to sell a car on finance quickly. Let’s get started with an obvious question…

car valuation
Need to sell a car on finance? It may be a good time to grab the nearest calculator!

Who owns the car on finance?

Buying a car on finance is a bit like taking out a mortgage on a house.

The way that PCP and most other car finance products work is that your name will be on the paperwork, but technically, the car is still owned by the lender until you complete your repayments.

So before you can sell your car you will have to pay off the outstanding finance amount in full. Unless you use voluntary termination to end the agreement early.

Voluntary termination allows you to end the finance agreement as long as you have paid 50% in full and meet certain requirements, it can be complicated. You can read more about voluntary termination over on The Car Expert.

As we’ll explain in a moment, the process of paying off the finance can be completed at the same time as the car is sold.

So now let’s run through the steps you’ll need to take to sell your car with outstanding finance.

Important: To sell the car you’ll need to make sure that you are able to fully repay the outstanding amount, otherwise you’ll need to pay money to sell your car.

Unfortunately if the value of your car doesn’t cover the remaining finance (and you still want to sell) you’ll have to use personal funds to cover the shortfall. Don’t worry if this applies to you, while not ideal, ‘negative equity’ in car finance is actually quite common.

How to sell a car on finance

Your first step should be to contact your finance company and advise them that you’re considering selling your car.

Ask them for a settlement figure (i.e. the total amount outstanding on the finance), and to send you a written confirmation of the same.

While most lenders should be amenable to a sale (provided you fully repay the finance at the time of sale), you should confirm their policy before proceeding.

Note: Some lenders may charge a fee for early settlement. If this is the case it should be stated in the terms of the contract you signed when you first took out the finance on your car.

Step 2: Obtain an up to date valuation for your car

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to clear all outstanding finance before selling your car.

So once you have the settlement figure, you’ll need to know if:

  • a) The proceeds of selling your car will cover the outstanding finance
  • b) If not, the shortfall that you’ll have to cover

One way to get an accurate online valuation for your car is to use Motorway’s free car valuation calculator.

We compare many online car buying websites, so you’ll be able to review offers from multiple car buyers at once.

sell your car on finance
You are able to sell your car on finance through any buyer, but make sure you are aware of your settlement figure

That way you’ll get an accurate indication of the current value of your car from instant car buyers.

What If The Valuation Is Higher Than The Finance?

If the value of your car is greater than your outstanding finance, then there should be no problems completing a sale. In fact, you’ll have a surplus after everything is finalised.

What If It’s Lower?

If it’s lower, deduct the valuation from the settlement figure to work out your shortfall.

Note: If your car is not in perfect condition (i.e. no scratches, dents, or dings) we would advise factoring in a leeway of around £200-£300 in case there are any deductions at final valuation.

Step 3: Prepare your car with finance for sale

Before you can sell your car, you’ll need to be in receipt of the written settlement figure from your lender. A print out from an online statement will not normally suffice.

Once you have it, complete the following pre-sale checklist to ensure you get as close to full valuation as possible:


  • V5C logbook document – for proof of ownership
  • Service history – a full service history will lead to better offers for your car
  • MOT certificates – ensure you have a copy of your current certificate

Car Preparation

  • Spare key – a spare key will help to ensure you receive the full valuation
  • Clean – it’s worth spending £15/£20 on a full clean to ensure your car is looking spotless inside and out
  • Minor repairs – as previously mentioned, scratches and dings can impact valuation, so make any minor repairs you can before sale

Note: Settlement figures from financial institutions will have an expiry date attached. If you do not sell your car before this date, you’ll need to request a new settlement figure before proceeding.

Step 4: Run a fresh online valuation and select a car buyer

Most offers from car buyers will expire after a maximum of 7 days.

So you’ll need to run the valuation tool again to get up to date offers, or try another method of car valuation to get an updated price.

All of the car buyers featured on the Motorway website are able to purchase cars with outstanding finance, so select the best offer for your car and proceed to step 5.

If you get stuck or have any questions at this stage, most car buyers on Motorway also have a call centre staffed with experience buyers who will explain the steps to clear the finance. It’s very straightforward.

Step 5: Book an appointment to complete the sale

Depending on the car buyer you choose, they will either:

  • a) collect your car at your home address
  • b) ask you to deliver it to a local depot

Either way, you’re require to have all paperwork and written confirmation of your settlement figure to complete the sale.

Once the car has been inspected and final valuation figure agreed, the next step is to settle the outstanding finance.

Step 6: Settle the outstanding finance on your car

The process of settling your outstanding finance will vary depending on both your finance provider and the company buying your car.

Some car buyers will deal directly with your finance company to settle the outstanding balance, while others may ask you to settle the finance independently.

If the latter, then you’ll normally be able to do so over the phone, or via online banking.

You should discuss the exact process with both your finance company and your chosen car buyer.

As mentioned at the start of this guide, selling a car on finance is a common occurrence these days, so most lenders will have processes in place.

Communication is key at every stage to ensure a smooth sale.

Step 7: Complete the sale of your financed car

With the outstanding finance finally settled, the car is officially yours to sell.

Complete the necessary paperwork with the car buying company and conclude the sale of your car.

Step 8: Receive any surplus funds into your bank account

If the sale value of your car was greater than the value of outstanding finance, you’ll receive the balancing payment from your car buyer after completion of the sale.

Note: Some car buyers will release these funds instantly, while others may take 3-4 days to complete the transfer.

And that’s the full process of selling your car on finance.

Finally: Always talk to your finance lender

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your car during the term of your finance agreement. For example, you might simply want to upgrade to the latest model.

But if you’re looking to sell as you are struggling to meet repayments, then always speak to your lender to inform them of your situation.

Lenders understand that financial circumstances change, and will do what they can to help you manage your payments, or arrange an alternative repayment schedule.

We have already stated this above, but to reaffirm:

Do not attempt to sell a car with outstanding finance without informing your lender first.

illustration of a red telephone
Talk to your lender before selling your car on finance. By the look of this lady’s happy smile, she doesn’t look like she has negative equity on her vehicle

Questions about selling your car on finance

If you have any questions about the process of selling a car with outstanding finance, we would be happy to help.

Feel free to email us at and our Customer Support Team will be happy to help.

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